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From Carlos Maté <>
Subject javaflow multivaluefield
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2006 16:57:40 GMT
In my javaflow I want to get values from  a multivaluefield.
This is de form definition:

<fd:multivaluefield id="drinks">

<fd:datatype base="string" />

        <fd:item value="Maes"/>
        <fd:item value="Jupiler"/>
        <fd:item value="Leffe"/>
        <fd:item value="Hoegaarden"/>
        <fd:item value="Coca Cola"/>

In my javaflow I write:

MultiValueField mvl = (MultiValueField) form.getChild("drinks");

Object[] list = (Object[]) mvl.getValue();

but list.length is 0.

How  can I obtain the values

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