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From "Joost Kuif" <>
Subject RE: general.field-required translation not working
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 15:23:31 GMT
Thanks a lot Jason and Bruno! It Works :)


-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Jason Johnston [] 
Verzonden: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 3:30 PM
Onderwerp: Re: general.field-required translation not working

Joost Kuif wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using cforms and trying to override the general.field-required
> message for the empty but 'required' (in formdefinition) fields. 
> I have the line below in a messages.xml:
> <message key="general.field-required">Dit is een verplicht
> veld.</message>
> For testing purposes: If i specify this key in a label of a field, the
> string "Dit is een veplicht veld" is correctly translated for this
> field-label. So cocoon is able to find the needed key in my
> with the keys i specify in the formdefinition. 
> Only the translation for required="true" in the <fd:field> tag is NOT
> translated into a proper message if a user leaves a (required) field
> empty.
> AFAIK this should be handled somewhere in the forms*.xsl pages.
> Unfortunalely i cannot find the problem. Can someone help me? Thanks a
> lot!
> Joost.
> Example:
> The code below works, the specified label is overruled by the one in
> messages.xml:
> <fd:label>
> <i18n:text i18n:key="general.field-required">this should be
> overruled</i18n:text>
> </fd:label>

The i18n elements produced by CForms all have an attribute 
i18n:catalogue="forms", which means that the i18n transformer will 
always look for a catalogue configured with the id "forms" to get its 
translations for these elements.  The example above works because you're

not telling it to use a specific catalogue, so it uses whichever default

catalogue you have configured in your sitemap.

You need to have something like this in your sitemap:

<map:transformer name="i18n" 
    <catalogues default="default">
       <catalogue id="forms" name="Messages" location="path/to/forms"/>
       <catalogue id="default" name="Messages" location="path/to/i18n"/>

And make sure your overridden CForms messages are in the "forms" 
catalogue.  See the I18nTransformer docs for more details about setting 
up catalogues.

Hope that helps

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