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From Christian <>
Subject CForm in Coplet / Presentation
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 17:25:58 GMT

I have a question regarding the display of a CForm inside a Coplet.
The Form is diplayed inside a URI coplet, which means, that the Coplet 
is somewhat bound to a URI (and following from there, to a certain 
sitemap match).

When the submit button is pressed, the URI of the Form of course changes 
into something like 1234569342.cont. This URI is of course matched in 
the sitemap, however, the _coplet_ with the form does not display the 
"page" connected to it, since the coplet is bound to a different URI.

If I call the form outside my portal, by its URI, entering data and 
submitting as well as execution of all following events and actions 
works properly. However, when inside a coplet, if I click the submit 
button, the form-data is not submitted, but the whole portal page simply 

Does someone have an idea how to make the coplet react to the 
continuation, or how to include the form in a different way, other than 
inside a coplet, so that the execution of the submit will actually work? 
I'd be very happy to hear your suggestions.

Cocoon is 2.1.8

Best regards, christian

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