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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: (Hopefully!) simple question about recalling data in field in cocoon form
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 16:19:52 GMT
Duncan McLean wrote:
> Hi
> I've been playing with one of the cforms samples (registration) that 
> comes with Cocoon and have noticed that if you type in data and submit, 
> and return to that page and reload, that values in the text boxes 
> disappear.
> I thought these get preserved, or is there some programmatic effort in 
> retrieving them?
> Following a similar (2-step) example, carselector, which uses selection 
> lists, I notice that if you submit and then return to the page, the 
> values are preserved even after a reload. I notice that in the template 
> there are "submit-on-change" tags for each of the drop-downs.
> Can someone explain to this layman, the differences and how I can 
> recall/reload already submitted data that don't have this 
> submit-on-change instruction.

I believe the difference is that the values are only preserved when you 
are going back to a continuation.  In the first sample it sounds like 
you are going back to the form's initial URL (not a continuation) 
whereas in the second example you're going back to the page that's a 
result of a continuation (triggered by the submit-on-change).

Here's the general rule:  If you go back to the first page request in a 
form's flow, the fields will all be blank, because the initial URL 
starts a new flow and creates a new (blank) Form object.  If you go back 
to a continuation, then the fields will display the values that were 
last submitted by the user, because those are the values carried in the 
Form object shared by all those continuations.  That last part is an 
important detail: the flow does not keep track of the form state for 
each and every continuation, only the current state of the form as a whole.

Hope that helps

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