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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: Binding selection boxes to beans in cocoon forms?
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 21:14:01 GMT
Andre Cesta wrote:
> Jason,
> No problem putting this solution on the Wiki, except that I do not know how I could possibly
> the wiki.  

Just like everyone else-- create an account and start editing.  Start at

> I think we could add 8 lines or so to the following page:

Woody is deprecated so that page probably isn't the best place anymore. 
  I was thinking you could just add the page you created as a new page.

> Also, please have a look at the "Binding Framework" documentation.  Search for setSelectionList
> it.  Did anybody manage to build a concrete example using that technique?  Would you
be able to
> post some more snippets of it?  How are you setting the selected value from the list?

I have successfully used that setSelectionList method before, though not 
from within a binding.  You might have seen it already but see the 
following javadoc page has a clear description of how that method works:,%20java.lang.String,%20java.lang.String)

> --- Jason Johnston <> wrote:
>>Andre Cesta wrote:
>>>Hi All,
>>>After receiving zero help from the list on a question posted 6 days ago, I decided
to post
>>>the solution I found for it:
>>>The problem is integrating hibernate beans with cocoon forms containing selection
>>>were multiple problems faced with the binding of the selection list and then with
>>selection of
>>>the default value.
>>>After searching the list archives, google, and also the cocoon examples I was
able to put a
>>>solution/consolitated example together (the selection list example on cocoon are
with XML not
>>>Perhaps now the experts - that have provided no help at all - could review the
example and
>>>improvements or better ways of doing it.
>>No need to act indignant, that's not likely to motivate anyone to help 
>>you out.  Keep in mind everyone here, including the "experts", are just 
>>volunteering their time.  I for one looked at your problem and did not 
>>see a solution at first glance, but was unable to take the time right 
>>away to dig into it deeper.  Nobody was trying to snub you or anything.
>>>I put the snippets for the solution on an URL for future use:
>>Very nice!  Perhaps you could put this page on the Cocoon wiki, that way 
>>people would be able to find it more easily?

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