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From Duncan McLean <>
Subject Re: Design help/questions for cforms application
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 19:40:31 GMT

Thanks for this, think we are headed along the right lines then!

So can anyone take my other question - can someone explain the uses of 
data binding in forms (java bean or xml) citing some examples of where 
it might be useful? (I guess I am interested in what gains it could give 
us in our situation)

Thanks again


Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> Hi Duncan,
> You might use Control Flow continuations for the whole process. It 
> will help you a lot wiith all decribed tasks. See 
> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo.
> Duncan McLean wrote:
>> Hi
>> We are currently trying to develop a forms based application which 
>> integrates into an existing cocoon-hosted site.
>> The application consists of 7 or so forms which collect information 
>> from the user, which is eventually packaged up and used to invoke a 
>> business service which
>> will call an application to  perform some complex financial 
>> calculations, before returning the result. We then capture the 
>> result, and deliver this in the form of a
>> "quotation" page.
>> Also. there are occasions between some of the forms that necessitate 
>> the need to call out to another business service to supply 
>> information that affects fields displayed on the next form in the
>> process. For instance, there is a need to bring back a set of funds 
>> (which changes depending on what the user has chosen in the previous 
>> form).
>> Also, some of the data may also influence the validation of 
>> subsequent forms.
>> Currently I have built a proof of concept page (actually the first of 
>> the actual pages in the application). that actually proves that I can 
>> incorporate the cforms framework into the existing site.
>> However, I have some questions about overall design and implementation:
>> 1) Can someone explain how we could call out to the business service, 
>> retrieve the data and supply to the next form in the sequence (there 
>> may be quite a large amount
>> of data returned at some points) - I assume call a java servlet that 
>> handles the business service interaction.
>> 2) We allow the user to return to any point in the form filling 
>> process, therefore the form will have to repopulate the fields that 
>> they have already filled. How easy is this to achieve.
>> Is this where we would introduce data binding (beit to java beans or 
>> xml for instance)? I am a bit fuzzy on the concept of data binding in 
>> this instance. Could someone please explain the rationale
>> behind data binding please and why it should be used if I it isn't 
>> used like this?
>> 3) Are there any other issues/problems that we may come across using 
>> this approach to the application?
>> Forgive me if this seems a bit wooly, but we are still very much 
>> feeling our way about cocoon forms, and want to have a clear 
>> understanding before we make too many stupid mistakes!
>> Thanks in advance
>> Duncan
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