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From christian bindeballe <>
Subject Re: XML-Serializer encoding
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 11:06:52 GMT
Edwin Kapauni schrieb:
> Don't mix characterset and character encoding.
> "&8221" is decimal notation of unicode character U+201D.
> "iso-8859-1" or "utf-8" are just character encodings.
> Encoding and formatting of both your sources is ok, but selection of 
> "iso-8859-1" is a poor choice regarding readability.

That choice is not mine to make, unfortunately, regarding the feeds I 
receive, I mean. If you suggest I should use UTF-8 as encoding scheme, I 
can understand why and I will certainly try to do that.

> The first one goes into HTTP response header and is needed by any 
> browser to recognize the character encoding of the following content. 
> You may run your own test by just omitting it and checking HTTP response 
> header of your output.
> The second one is telling the serializer which character encoding to use 
> for the output.

OK, understood, that is very useful to know.

> And after serializing, are you still having "&8221" in the output or is 
> it converted to "double-upper-nine" quotation mark?

I figured last night that what was causing my "funny" output was not the 
character set nor the encoding, but the way my XSL handled the feeds.
Still this whole process of looking into the character encodings and so 
forth helped me a lot and also made me realize it was not the cause of 
my problems. Thanks for pointing out these specific details about 
Unicode and UTF-8, I appreciate it a lot and am very glad I learned 
something again :) Again, thank you for your time and effort.

Best regards,


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