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From mike rowse <>
Subject selection-list and with fd:field as an item?
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 01:55:03 GMT
I think it is now obvious who needs some sleep. :)
My apologies for the extra empty email.

I have been searching through the resources for an answer to this
question for some time now. 

I would like to be able to create a cform with this structure

()radio Button : <ft:widget-label id="one"/> : <ft:widget id="one"/>
()radio Button : <ft:widget-label id="two"/> : <ft:widget id="two"/>
()radio Button : <ft:widget-label id="three"/> : <ft:widget id="three"/>

I hope that makes sense. 

I have tried doing a number of things. 

1. I tried creating three <fd:field> s styled as radio boxes and on each
radio box I put a fi:styling name="radio_group". This unfortunately
doesn't work as the name attribute of the <input> element is used in the
whole cform mechanism (meaning that cocoon can't read the value of the

2. I have tried doing the following for the <fd:item>s in the selection

<fd:item value="typed_text"><fd:label><ft:widget

This doesn't work on account of the standard widget xsl stylesheet. 

3. I would just use basic <input>  elements and then pull the users
choice from the cocoon.request in flow, however, this structure
eventually will have to be part of a repeater and it seems that this
would get unduly complicated. 

4. I need to have all the radio buttons party of different selection
groups as these groups of radio buttons are going to be repeated. 


So. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this situation before. It
seems that this structure of form is fairly common place and I'm
surprised that I haven't found a good work around. I have considered
playing with the basic widget styling XSL, but, I'm hoping that someone
on the list has a better suggestion because hacking the XSL seems to be
a rather nasty solution to this problem (although if it is the simplest
way I will do it). Perhaps I'm missing a conception building block and
the solution is very easy. :)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can make,

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