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From Merico Raffaele <>
Subject AW: cform date validation
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 08:31:21 GMT
Ciao Derek, ciao Gunter

Thanks a lot for your hints. I - nearly - solved the problem with
<fd:javascript/> based on the javascript library of 

The javascript code refered in the <fd:javascript/> looks very simple:

var enteredValue = cocoon.request.get(widget.getRequestParameterName());
var trimedValue = enteredValue.replaceAll("\\s", "");
if (!isDate(trimedValue, "d.M.yyyy")) {
		var valError = new
		return false;

The only unsolved problem is that a "wrong" date input (i.e. 32.12.05) is
auto-converted and redisplay as 01.01.06. As this point the users sees an
error message with a right date. But he does not see what he entered before.

I see, if not differently possible, the possibility to display the original
entered date as part of the error message. Not a very elegant solution. What
I am looking for is a possibility to set the originally entered date and to
be redisplayed as the user typed it in.

Any ideas ... Raffaele

PS: An alternative (not really) could be the use of the datatype string
instead of the datatype date. But in this case I see some problems in the
conversion/presentation of given form data (coming from the source)
formatted as yyyy-MM-dd and therefore not conforming to the locale

> Another insight from another mailing list:
> You could also implement a pattern match range check on
> your input field, using cform functionality, without resorting to JS.
> see:
> http://localhost:8080/cocoon/docs/userdocs/forms/validation.html
> ( fd:range, or fd:regexp or even fd:javascript)
> I would think there must be on-line examples of date expressions?
> >>> 2005/12/07 11:18 AM >>>
> have the same issue with cocoon 2.1.4 and apparrently the java.util.Date
> class accepts this (as far as I know) so the only thing that you can do
> (as what I did) is to implement a clientside date validation; you can find
> plenty examples on the net but if you want I can easily drop one here
> Gunter
> Merico Raffaele < >
> 07/12/2005 10:13
> Please respond to
> To
> cc
> Subject
> cform date validation
> Dear community
> I have a strange effect with cform date fields. Values like 32.12.2005 or
> 29.2.2005 are automatically corrected to 1.1.2006 or 1.3.2005 without any
> validation error. What can I do to let the cform validation service
> declare such dates as incorrect?
> For your support many thanks in advance ... Raffaele
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