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From Patrick Refondini <>
Subject Inserting tasks subtree (using Cocoon 2.1.8 tasks example)
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 16:18:33 GMT
I am trying to figure out how to insert a tasks subtree using the CForms 
tasks example.

I tried to refer to a custom template file containing a tasks subtree 
(tasks-db.xml) in the task tree binding (tasktree_binding.xml)
I used fb:insert-node construct although it appeared it is not supported 
within fb:simple-repeater.

The custom subtree template (tasks-db.xml)

<task end="12/20/05" start="12/31/05">
     <title>Main Task</title>
         <task end="12/20/05" start="12/20/05">
             <title>Sub 1</title>
         <task end="12/20/05" start="12/20/05">
             <title>Sub 2</title>

The task tree binding (tasktree_binding.xml)
     <fb:simple-repeater id="tasks" parent-path="tasks" row-path="task"
<!-- ================================== Added for tests START ==== -->
             <fb:insert-node src="forms/tasks-db.xml" />
<!-- ================================== Added for tests END ==== -->
         <fb:new id="task-class"/>

Any hints where to go from there ?

Thanks, Patrick

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