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From Fawzib Rojas <>
Subject Re: Question about serializers
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 15:45:10 GMT
Jason Johnston wrote:

> Seems to me you could accomplish this fairly easily with Flowscript. 
> Something like:  <snip>

I have never used flowscript but I have to say is very cool, but 
unfortunately is not doing what I expect. The script looks like this:

function main() {
    var count = 0;
    var path=cocoon.parameters["report"];
    var param=getRequestParameters();
    var bytes=0;
    var outputStream = new com.spectron.cocoon.SpectronOutputStream();
    ) {
        cocoon.sendPageAndWait("progress.jx", {"stream_size" : 
bytes,"count":count } );
    // PDF is finished, now display it:
        {byteArray : new}

It seems that when I do the "cocoon.sendPageAndWait" the 
"cocoon.processPipeline" is aborted because the outputStream.size() 
remains constant. If I remove the for loop it creates the PDF correctly. 
Is there a way to create a thread in flowscript and have the 
"cocoon.processPipeline" run in it?

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