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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: cinclude, include and xinclude in Cocoon 2.1.8
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 14:41:27 GMT
Have you verified that the output of your XSLT is the same now as it was 
in the older version?  e.g. by putting a <map:serialize type="xml" /> 
right after your xslt transform?

I just did a quick test here with 2.1.8, and an xinclude transform 
immediately following an xsl transform (which creates the xi:include 
elements) works just fine.

Schultz, Gary - COMM wrote:
> I performed a pretty exhaustive search and only found information on
> cinclude problems when using POST method. Nothing on cinclude problems in
> general, and nothing detailed on the use of cocoon include transformer.
> I should have added that cincludes, includes and xincludes all work when
> placed before the <map:transform. In all three includes also worked
> when placed after the <map:transform. In 2.1.8 the includes only work before
> the <map:transform. The includes are not working after the <map:transform.
> This is a problem in that I'm using the XSLT transformation to create
> cincludes dynamically based on parameters determined by element attribute
> values passed from the XML source. 
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ralph Goers [] 
> Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2005 11:28 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: cinclude, include and xinclude in Cocoon 2.1.8
> Did you search the mailing list for similar issues. I seem to recollect that
> the namespace is different so your cinclude might be ignored. But I could be
> wrong.
> Schultz, Gary - COMM wrote:
>>The following code snippet worked in Cocoon but isn't working 
>>in Cocoon 2.1.8
>>      <map:match pattern="TSS-IncludeTest-01.html">
>>        <map:generate
>>        <map:transform src="d:/comwps/xslt/page2html-tss01.xsl">
>>        </map:transform>       
>>        <map:transform type="cinclude"/>
>>        <map:serialize/>
>>      </map:match>
>>Has there been a change to include transformation in Cocoon 2.1.8? Has 
>>the ability to use cinclude after transformations been eliminated? If 
>>it did, this is very discouraging. What I'm doing is inside an XHTML 
>>template I call a single template that builds a cinclude element. I 
>>call this cinclude template several times, each time passing different 
>>parameters to produce several cincludes. The cincludes are then 
>>processed at the end of the map:match. I need to process the cincludes 
>>at the end of the map:match after the transformation.
>>I've thought about using i:include, but I did some searching and 
>>cannot find any good examples for using <i:include>. How does one go 
>>about using i:include to include only a portion of a xml document?
>>Form what I could tell, the 2.1.8 i:include samples only show the use 
>>of i:include serving an entire xml file, not a part of a file. I tried 
>>using cinclude select but that did not work?
>>Gary T. Schultz
>>IT Administrator
>>Wisconsin Department of Commerce
>>201 W. Washington Ave
>>Madison, WI 53214
>> <>
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