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From Michael Ebert <>
Subject continuation expiry
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 15:34:29 GMT

I have an Upload Portal to exchange files with our customers. The portal uses
javaflow. In some cases we have quite big files to transfer. So some transfers
take more than 10 Minutes. In those situations, the user gets an continuation
invalid error, instead of the next page sent by the sendPage() method from the
java flow. When i check the timeToLive() value from the WebContinuation i
always get the value 600000. I think this value is in miliseconds. So the
duration seems to be 10 minutes.

I already raised the time-to-live to 100 hours, but the value from the
WebContinuation.TimeToLive() does not change. What did I wrong? Any hints?



This is a snippet from my cocoon.xconf:

<continuations-manager continuation-sharing-bug-compatible="false" logger="flo
w.manager" session-bound-continuations="false" time-to-live="360000000">
    <expirations-check type="periodic">

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