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From Edward Elhauge>
Subject Cocoon JSP to Cocoon XSP porting question
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 01:39:11 GMT

I've been porting an application I wrote last year from
and older version of Cocoon to a newer version of Cocoon.

While doing the transition I decided to use XSP instead of
the JSP generator that I had been using. Now I've got most
things working correctly except for one.

I'm using XSP code that looks like this:

            for ( int idx = 0 ; idx &lt; numCols ; idx++ ) {
              DisplayField displayField = columnsInfo[idx] ;

                  <xsp:attribute name="type"><xsp:expr>displayField.getDisplayType()</xsp:expr></xsp:attribute>


which works great when "displayField.getDisplayValue()" is a simple string.
But I sometimes getDisplayValue() generates some XML that is intended to be
rendered by an XSL transform further down the pipeline. Unfortunately
for my application, the output of xsp:expr seems to be XML quoted
to use entities (such as &lt; &gt; etc), which of course stops the
templates from matching. This worked fine when I was using
JSP, because the JSP controlled the whole output stream.

So my question is if there is a way to turn of the entity quoting?

If not, what would be the way to go? Do I need to create a taglib
to get the effect that I want? There are so many ways to do things
in Cocoon that it gets a bit overwhelming.

Also is XSP "going away"? If so why? What would be replacing it?
I know that I wouldn't mind dropping down into Python or Perl
to do the logic, but I don't look forward to using Javascript.

        Edward Elhauge <>
"One allows himself to be fooled once, to be fooled twice; but he
who permits himself always to be fooled remains a fool." -- Rudolf Rocker

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