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From "Dan Nicolici" <>
Subject Help me please!
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 12:39:44 GMT

Please help me with Cocoon site searching. I posted another message, but got
no replies.


I read bits of documentation from where I could find any and formed an
overall image of the concept. At least please tell me if what I pictured in
my mind is correct. This is how I see it.



Index the content of the site:

            - alternatives:

                        - crawl the site

                        - LuceneIndexTransformer


            Search the previous formed index:

- using SearchGenerator



I have a working webapp (almost all content is dynamic) that I would like to
enrich with searching capabilities. I am interested in
LuceneIndexTransformer for indexing.


The steps that I imagine I have to follow are:

-          create a pipeline that aggregates all the other pipelines
("master pipeline");

-          transform the resulting xml to a "lucene:index" document;

-          transform the previous document with LuceneIndexTransformer
(index automatically gets built);

-          use SearchGenerator for searching the index;


Is this a correct scenario? If it is, then it means I understood well so
far, otherwise please stand me corrected.

Assuming it is correct I have some questions about it:


1. The "master pipeline" is supposed to be called manually (like typing it
in the address bar) or can it be automated somehow (i. e. running once a


2. What do I need the xml file that remains after LuceneIndexTransformer
created the index for?


3. Can you please tell me where I can find a step by step SIMPLE example of
something like this?


4. Since I do not see question no. 3 being answered positive (I googled my
brains out.), can anybody please write a super-simple part of a sitemap that
illustrates all this?


Thank you very much!



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