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From Fred Vos <>
Subject How to configure the location of external services in the sitemap
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 11:47:21 GMT

At work we are working on a Cocoon application that uses http requests in
generators. The base URLs in these requests differ for each instance of our
application. We don't want people to edit the sitemap to change URLs of these
external services, everytime the sitemap changes. During development we also
want to keep our local configuration.

Furthermore we generate links to external services and these links also differ
for each instance of the application.

A simple approach is to generate a sitemap.xmap file using a template file for
the sitemap and an XML document containing a list of external services. A
simple XSLT script can transform the template sitemap file into a sitemap

This requires regenerating the sitemap file after changing either the sitemap
template or the file with base-URLs.

For generating links, the XML document with base URLs can be used in the XSL
script that generates HTML.

Maybe there are better ways to solve this problem. If anyone has a good
solution and scripts available, please let me know.


|E  R
| D  F
|fred at fredvos dot org
|5235 DG 52 NL +31 73 6411833

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