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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Distributing "stand alone" Cocoon apps
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 17:58:57 GMT

Thanks for the insights and advice - 18MB is still quite a 
lot more than I had hoped for... and I am not sure I have 
the skills to hack around removing jar files, or even doing 
the shrinking that ProGuard seems to offer.  I am certainly
not up to creating self-starting servlet containers!

Maybe this is a project that someone might tackle for some
other reason... and can hopefully document what they
have done so its a little easier for others like me.


>>> 11/23/05 4:41 PM >>>
Le 23 nov. 05, à 15:29, Derek Hohls a écrit :

> ...I am unsure if one can, in fact build it as a *reasonable*
> sized (under 5mb?)...

The closest "standard" thing that we have is probably the 
"standalone-demo" build, with all blocks disabled except what you 
actually need.

It's more than 5MB (around 18MB IIRC), but I think several jars are 
included but not used, so you should be able to trim it down (or try 
with 2.2 which should be able to build a smaller core). Or use 
something like, which has been 
discussed here (or on dev@, don't remember) already.

If you can reach the desired size, next step would be to create a 
bootstrap Java class to start the Cocoon servlet, for that I'd look at 
the embedded mode of Jetty, where you can start it from a java class 
with no external configuration.

Of course, this will still require the correct JVM to be installed on 
the client, or the use of java web start to select the correct one.


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