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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: execute js after row-delete ?
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2005 14:40:06 GMT
Perhaps, while we are on the subject - is it possible to
have a similar type of code that, when a row is inserted,
also inserts additional rows... ideally the number of rows 
inserted could be controlled by the value of another widget?

>>> 2005/11/20 04:54:58 AM >>>

Thanks a lot !
It works perfectly :)


2005/11/17, Robin Wyles <>:Marc,

Instead of using a fd:row-action why not use a fd:action such as:

<fd:action id="delete_item" command="delete_item">
                         var widget = event.source;
                         var row = widget.parent;
                         var repeater = row.parent;
                         // Your extra code here...

Hope this helps...


On 16 Nov 2005, at 11:01, Marc Salvetti wrote: 

> Hello,
>  I have a cart displaying an invoice on top of the page and a cforms
> with a repeater displaying the products at the bottom of the page.
>  I need to update the invoice when a row is deleted in the repeater 
>  The calculation of the invoice is done on the server and need to read
> from the dom binded to the form
>  So i need to do a to update the dom tree, then pass
> this dom tree to the invoicing fonction. 
>  Now my problem is that for the row-delete action, the on-action
> handler is triggered *before* the row is removed, so calling
> in this handler is useless for me.
>  Does someone now how to execute some code after the row is deleted ? 
>  Thanks,
>  Marc

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