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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Three steps DB Interaction
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 10:05:04 GMT
Thanks for the explanation - I certainly the lack the depth 
of insight and knowledge you have... but I have always
thought that form definition/template were v. closely related
(albeit with different purposes), and given that there is 
usually a 1:1 relation between them, it has always seemed
to make sense to keep them together.  I guess I will need
to 'rewire' my thinking here...
Perhaps along with the "cleanup", the Cocoon gurus could outline
some "good practice" for directory structures for flow/forms/db
applications (along with the rationale, so we could learn as well)?

>>> 2005/11/10 11:38 AM >>>
Derek Hohls wrote:
> Sorry... found it n:
> Just a bit strange that it is not with:
> I am used to the structure from all the previous samples
> where form defintion and layout are in the same subdir;
> and this is the approach I have followed in my apps ....
> any reason why its changed now? (I know this makes no
> difference to the app, and is purely a convention - but
> conventions can help make it easier to find things, so
> that is why I ask.)

I use this approach because IMO the form definition and the form 
template, although related, don't belong to the same application domain: 
the definition is related to the business domain model, and the template 
belongs to the view.

Also, applications are composed of a number of pages, some with forms, 
some without (such as the employee-list page), why should they be split 
across different directories ?

Hence this organization that seems more natural to me.

The forms samples were built incrementally as set of independent 
samples, and their organization is because of this a bit cluttered up: 
the sitemap has some redundancy, templates are a mix of "pure-jx" and 
"previously-xsp-conterved-to-jx", etc.

I plan to do some cleanup after 2.1.8 is out.


Sylvain Wallez Anyware Technologies 
Apache Software Foundation Member Research & Technology Director

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