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From "Angelo Immediata" <>
Subject Can i do this thing?
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 12:07:27 GMT
Hi all. I must do a link rewriteron an HTML file tha i have form tidy generator. I must rewite
the link by using some values contained in a java.util.Map; i have this Map populated by the
content in the tag "<a"; i.e if the link is <a href="controllo.html"> controllo criminale</a>
in the Map i have done a similar thing:

Map m = new HasMap();
m.put( "controllo criminale", "pageId=2" );

By this linkrewriter i want to do a similar thing:

to take the value of the tag a (that is the String controllo criminale)

to check if this string is present in the map (if m.contains("controllo criminale"))

to change the href value from href="controllo.html" to href="invoke?pageId=2"

Can i do a similar thing by using SAX or must i use DOM. If i can use SAX... can anyone show
me how i can do?

Thanks to all.

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