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From Michael Wirz <>
Subject Re: Antennahouse XSL Formatter Serializer
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 12:24:09 GMT
Thank you for your interest, I'd really like to contribute.

In fact, it is just one source file -- i embedded a more generic
helper class (doing some asynchronuous input/output stream stuff)
as an inner class to keep things simple.

Could you point me to the wiki or the "scratchpad of cocoon"?
I have been using cocoon for quite a while now but I do not yet
know the development setup of the cocoon project -- although
I am really interested...

Thank you,

>> Yes, I am interested. Maybe you can put it on the scratchpad of
>> Cocoon? (don't ask me how!)
> Or, if it's one source file as I imagine, you could start by posting
> it to the wiki, on a new page.
> This would allow people to use it with existing versions of Cocoon,
> and if there's enough interest we might move it to the main codebase.
> -Bertrand

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