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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Handling configuration files during cocoon update
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 08:19:01 GMT

Derek Hohls wrote:

>Sorry if I misunderstood - the previous post suggested that
>it was "good practice" to integrate your changes as part 
>of the build process, rather than making them manually - and
>directly - to the files after building Cocoon.
There are two schools of thought.  Some folks like to create their 
project as a block and then get cocoon's build process to build it.  I 
find that tedious when migrating from one Cocoon release to the next.  
However, even the process I suggested does not have any manual changes.

>I was not talking about the use case for a *single* project, but
>the case for multiple projects, all as part of one Cocoon 
>deployment, that now needed to be upgraded - not as a result 
>of project changes but because of wanting to a use a newer 
>version of Cocoon.
We handle that by doing that only as part of a product upgrade. Then it 
is just a matter of changing the Cocoon dependency and making any 
adjustments required due to release changes.  If you integrate your 
build into Cocoon's then IMO upgrading Cocoon becomes a lot more painful.

However, I want to emphasize that this does not necessarily apply to the 
upcoming 2.2 releases.  As I understand things, in 2.2 your project will 
become one or more blocks (maven projects) which will include Cocoon 
blocks and/or the core as dependencies.  In that case, you would have to 
create a new release of your project with changes to the Cocoon 
dependencies. You would then rebuild your project and redeploy.



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