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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: CForms error: Invalid submit id (no such widget)
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2005 13:44:14 GMT
Andreas Deininger wrote:
> Hi,
> I coded a form using CForms. Inside this form is a repeater which
> allows to add/delete rows. I invoke this form via the following line
> inside an apple:
> appleResponse.sendPage("Form-submission_form-Pipe", viewData);
> Everything is working fine, I can insert and delete arbitrary rows of
> my repeater element.
> If I display the same form (same definition / template / pipeline) via
> a javascript flowscript, the form shows up correctly, showing a single
> row of my repeater element. Adding a second row works, too. However,
> if I try to add a third row, I get the error message:
> Error calling flowscript function submission
> Invalid submit id (no such widget): authors.1.add
> Any ideas what might cause that error?

I found a bug that occurs when a row-action is used in a stateless 
application: the submit widget was checked _before_ the request was 
processed, and this is this processing that recreates the rows according 
to the value sent by <ft:repeater-size>.

This is fixed now. You may want to update at least and try again.


Sylvain Wallez                        Anyware Technologies           
Apache Software Foundation Member     Research & Technology Director

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