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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: 2.1.8 and mail block
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 09:03:22 GMT
Marc Salvetti wrote:
> Hello,
> i recently updated to 2.1.8 rc1, and i have some problems running the
> mail block.
> The first thing is that if i don't have mail.jar and activation.jar or
> if i have old versions of this jars or if i have recent versions doesn't
> change anything to my problem.
> If i try to send mail from my app, if i'm under jetty, i get a success
> response from the sendmail action and no errors in the log, but the
> message isn't sent, on the other hand, if i'm under tomcat, i get
> correct log messages and it works.
> If i try to compile a default cocoon distro, and run it normally with
> jetty, i always get the same exception in the logs [1] "method not yet
> implemented"
> The first fact i find strange, is that if i "forget" to put mail.jar and
> activation.jar in the lib/local folder of jetty, i don't get any
> classNotFound exception when running the mail samples.
> The second thing is that even after downloading recent jars from
> <>, i get the same error, which looks
> like if i didn't updated the jars !
> So it looks like the system somehow find the classes somewhere, and
> ignore the jars in the lib folder, but i can't understand how, since i
> don't find any other instance of theses classes anywhere in the cocoon tree.
> Does anyone had similar problems or have any idea where to start
> tracking down the problem ?
> Marc

Here's a wild guess. Check in your WEB-INF/lib to see anything beginning
with geronimo-spec. If there, delete them.

They are (as far as I understand it) jar files that allow us to compile
Cocoon, but do not provide the full functionality that is required and
could account for "method not yet implemented".

Let me know whether I am right or not :-)

Regards, Upayavira

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