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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Increasing Cocoon Portal speed
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 16:04:53 GMT

Boisvert, √Čric wrote:

>Hi Angelo
>Altough I did try the multi fragment approach, some people also suggested
>looking into stx transformer , and indeed, my stx pipeline is faster because
>the incoming document start being processed as soon as it is being generated
>by the previous component, as opposed to xslt that need to wait that the
>whole input document loads in memory.  
>I found stx more general than multifragment and it allows one to save
>elements during the processing, so it's theorically possible to do
>everything you could do in xslt in stx.  But using stx (it's an event based
>adaptation of xslt) requires rethinking you transformer.  It works great
>when you deal with a long monotonous list of element that can be processeed
>individually, it requires a bit more planning and you must put a bit more
>effort in stx to create a efficient transformation -- the sequence of
>element in the input document is very important for stx.
The portal does not use xslt to process the layout, it uses Castor to 
trasform the xml into objects. So it remains to be seen if an approach 
using stx would be any faster.


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