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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Re: Existing XSP "not found" by Cocoon (only on Linux)
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 19:26:03 GMT
Jakob Fix wrote:

>I'm having a weird problem porting a web application to Linux.  The
>application itself consists of Java 1.5 / Jetty / Cocoon 2.1.7 / Exist
>XML database.  It was developped in a Windows environment, but now we
>want to deploy it on a Linux server.  Almost everything went very
>well, it's Java after all.
>However, one persisting problem I have is this:  Cocoon appears to not
>be able to compile one of the two XSP pages saying that it can't be found,
>although it absolutely positively exists at the location indicated
>(see attached core.log and access.log extracts).
>I've added the tools.jar to my jre's lib/ directory because I read on
>the cocoon website its absence may not allow to compile certain
>jsp/xsp pages.  However, I have two XSP pages of which one functions
>correctly while the other one cannot apparently be found and thus
>I've tested this on another Linux server (also Debian) with the same results.
>I'm not really sure what other information I should provide (is the
>actual XSP code interesting?).
>This problem really puzzles me.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
I haven't looked at your details or log, but the problem sounds like one 
we had, based on case sensitivity issues:
The compiled XSP page exists but has the wrong casing; the piece of 
Cocoon thath would compile missing files case-insensitively recognizes 
its presence and therefore doesn't recompile it, but the piece of Cocoon 
that would execute the compile file case-sensitively declares it's not 
there. (The casing of the compiled file was wrong because we had changed 
the casing of the xsp file after having it compiled once; Cocoon was 
never able to handle that.)
This problem could be affected by having developed on Windows (which has 
more case insensitivity) and run on Linux.

We solved the problem under Tomcat by deleting the work/ folder, forcing 
a recompile of all XSP pages. Sounds like you would do this by deleting


If that doesn't help, let us know...


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