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From Omar Adobati <>
Subject Re: CForms, databinding and databases
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 22:04:44 GMT
Yes, I'm here again...
>From the last mail I had recived, I now use this code:
1) form definition:
    <fd:repeater id="NumeriTelefono" initial-size="2">

        <fd:field id="IDTipo" required="false">
          <fd:datatype base="long"/>

        <fd:field id="Valore" required="false">
          <fd:label>Numero Telefonico</fd:label>
          <fd:datatype base="string"/>


2) form template
<ft:repeater id="NumeriTelefono">
      <tr class="casa">
          <ft:widget-label id="IDTipo"/>
          <ft:widget id="IDTipo"/>
      <tr class="ufficio">
          <ft:widget-label id="Valore"/>
          <ft:widget id="Valore"/>


Now, in front of what Marc sayed in his last replay... is this what he
mean? if yes, how, and where, I need to configure the two different
resultset he's writeing about?



On 11/15/05, Omar Adobati <> wrote:
> On 11/15/05, Marc Salvetti <> wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > Because... because... don't know why!! I think I need two widgets
> > > because of the need to have two kinds of telephone number... How I can
> > > use just one widget for both of them?
> > > Sorry if this is a dummy question...
> >
> > I think i see your problem now, i didn't understand you need to have several
> > different tel numbers stored for each contact, and not only one, but of a
> > different type
> > So i think, but it's just a guess, that you could have two repeaters on your
> > template, one for office numbers and one for mobile, and map them both a
> > different named resultset.
> > For instance, you get a resultset named officeNums, and a resultset named
> > mobileNums
> > Then in your form, you create to repeaters matching theses names.
> >
> > HTH,
> >
> > Marc
> Hi Marc,
>  thanks for your answer, I think your solution will work... can you
> help me whit the code i need? Can you give me a snippet of the code
> you told me about?
> thanks again for your help
> --
> Omar Adobati

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