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From Omar Adobati <>
Subject Form Description, Form Template & Repeater
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 21:38:09 GMT
Hello Cocooners,

  here is a sample of the code I'm trying to write:

1. the form definition
  <fd:repeater id="TelNumbers">
        <fd:field id="Type">
          <fd:datatype base="long"/>
        <fd:field id="Value">
          <fd:label>tel Number</fd:label>
          <fd:datatype base="string"/>

2. the form template
      <ft:repeater id="TelNumbers" initial-size="2">
          <ft:repeater-widget-label widget-id="Type"/>
          <ft:widget id="Type"/>
          <ft:repeater-widget-label widget-id="Value"/>
          <ft:widget id="Value"/>

and here is the error cocoon gives me back:

org.apache.cocoon.forms.FormsRuntimeException: Repeater 'TelNumbers'
has no child named 'Type'
fd:repeater - file:/C:/Programmi/Apache%20Software%20Foundation/Tomcat%205.5/webapps/cocoon/CFormTest/forms/employee.xml
- 97:38

where is the problem?

tanks again for your helps

Omar Adobati

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