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From Omar Adobati <>
Subject Re: CForms, databinding and databases
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 08:58:04 GMT
> I might be wrong, but if telephoneNumber is a table, i think it
> should be mapped to a repeater, not to a field.
> <snip/>

Yes, maybe it was just a mistake, but anyway I could understand...

> Why do you need 2 widgets if you have only 1 field in your
> table ? Can't you make a conditional validation based on the
> value of your idType widget ?
> Marc

Because... because... don't know why!! I think I need two widgets
because of the need to have two kinds of telephone number... How I can
use just one widget for both of them?
Sorry if this is a dummy question...

thanks in advance - is right now? ;)

Omar Adobati

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