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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <>
Subject flow problem with reload button
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 16:16:34 GMT

I am having strange problems (described below) when hitting the "reload"
button on my browser when displaying form B in scenario described below.
Could anyone please help me understand why?

I am using a 2-form approach to editing an XML file, one for a first level
view and a deeper detail editing view.

Form "A" only contains a repeater with a "nombre" widget for each row, plus
all the necessary widgets for deleting selected rows.
It also has a submit called "nuevo" (=Add new, see below for js code
managing it), a standard HTML submit button, and an edit submit button on
each row.

[Delete selected] [Add new] [Save changes]
[X] [Edit] Name1
[X] [Edit] Name2
[X] [Edit] Name3
[X] [Edit] Name4

Form "B" is bound to the same XML file, but with more fields and attributes
mapped to form widgets, but it only maps a certain part of the XML.

Name: [Name1]
E-mail: [a@b.c]
[Save changes]

So the binding for B is dynamically generated by a pipeline.

The flow should be
A->B->A if "Edit" or "Add new" are used.
A->A if "delete selected" or "save changes" are used.

function editarRestaurantes() {
// Keep important things in vars, as they will be lost from
var formDefinitionA = cocoon.parameters["form-definition-a"];
var formDefinitionB = cocoon.parameters["form-definition-b"];
var bindingURIA = cocoon.parameters["bindingURI-a"];
var bindingURIBPrefix = cocoon.parameters["bindingURI-b-prefix"];
var saveURI = cocoon.parameters.saveURI;
var saveXSLT = cocoon.parameters.saveXSLT;
var displayPipelineLista = cocoon.parameters["displayPipeline-a"];
var displayPipelineFicha = cocoon.parameters["displayPipeline-b"];

var formLista = null;
var formFicha = null;
var formB = null;

var datos = leerDatos(cocoon.parameters.loadURI); // Read the XML file and
store into "datos"

formLista = createForm(formDefinitionA, bindingURIA, datos);

while(true) {

// display form A

// *********************************
// If I hit reload when form B is displayed, execution is resumed here, but
formLista is undefined
// Why is it "null"? Shouldn't it be restored to the previous value because
of my hitting "Reload".
// *********************************

var submitWidget = formLista.getWidget().getSubmitWidget();
var idRestaurante = "";

// Did the user not click the "Save changes" button?
if(submitWidget!=null) {;
// Did the user click "Add new"?
if("nuevo") {
// To add a new record, we ask the repeater to do so.
var repeater = submitWidget.parent.lookupWidget('restaurantes');
// New record is last, so get the repeater size
idRestaurante = repeater.size;
} else {
// Clicked "Edit", ... which row?
idRestaurante = submitWidget.getParent().lookupWidget('id').value;
formLista = null;

// Prepare form B, using the ID for the new or edited record
formFicha = createForm(formDefinitionB, bindingURIBPrefix+idRestaurante,

// ***********************
// Form B is displayed on next line
// ***********************

formFicha = null;

formLista = createForm(formDefinitionA, bindingURIA, datos);
} else {;
grabarDatos(saveURI, saveURI+".tmp", saveXSLT, datos);


function createForm(definition, binding, datos) {
var form = new Form(definition);
if (binding != null) {
return form;

Thank you very much for any hint, and sorry for the long e-mail. I tried
hard to make it shortest possible.


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