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From David Duhme <>
Subject Re: LDAP operations in cocoon -Virus checked-
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 06:51:07 GMT
First of all, thanks for your reply.

I think I'll try to build something with the novell ldap client library...

But I thought the existing LDAPEntryManager was an approach to
implement LDAP adds and updates from FlowScript and I could
avoid writing my own component which is always a bit time consuming ;-)

So still... if someone has already experiences using LDAP directories,
help would be fine.


David Duhme

Wilhelm Karmann GmbH
- Kommunikationsprozesse -
Karmannstrasse 1
49084 Osnabrueck
Telefon: +49 541 581 7280

Christoph Hermann <> 
10.10.2005 19:36
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Re: LDAP operations in cocoon -Virus checked-

Am Montag, 10. Oktober 2005 17:33 schrieb David Duhme:


> I successfully implemented LDAP authentication for the portal which in
> fact is just a read operation.


> But now I need my webapp to read entries from a LDAP directory (Lotus
> Domino in my case)
> and make some attributes editable with CForms.

I really don't know how to make this (updates) work with the LDAP 

> I'm not sure wether to use the LDAP Transformer or the LDAPEntryManager.
> LDAPEntryManager seams more suiteable to me because it's accessable
> from FlowScript.
> Please could somebody give me a hint on how to get started with the
> LDAPEntryManager.
> Or am I better off with the LDAP Transformer??

A Quote from IRC (FreeNode #cocoon:Okt 03 17:55:39):
<ugocei>   just write a component that updates an LDAP directory and call 
from flowscript, action or XSP
<ugocei>   if you want a decent LDAP client library, use the Novell one
<ugocei>   LDAPModification mod[] = new LDAPModification[1];
<ugocei>   LDAPAttribute userPassword = new LDAPAttribute("userPassword", 
<ugocei>           mod[0] = new LDAPModification(LDAPModification.REPLACE, 

<ugocei>   LDAPConnection lc = .... /* Open a connection somehow */
<ugocei>   LDAPConnection lc = new LDAPConnection();


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