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From "Bruyn Bill" <>
Subject RE: Aggregate flow result
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 14:16:15 GMT
> IIUC steps 4,5,6 come later than 1,2,3, so the output of 1,2,3 should 
> be saved for a while?

Yes, I suppose that's how I'll have to go about it.  I'm just not sure
how to wire the steps together.

> If so, the easiest that comes to mind would be to create a temporary 
> directory (with a unique ID tied to the user's session via a flow 
> variable), and store the output of 1,2,3 there for later use. Think 
> REST: 1,2,3 create resources that are referenced later on.
> You could also store the results of 1,2,3 in the user's 
> session (as DOM 
> objects), but depending on the amount of data and load it 
> might be too 
> heavy.

Sounds like that's how I'll have to do it, unless someone has a better

> -Bertrand

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