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From Nick Goupinets <>
Subject Re: Need help in portal . How can i do this ?
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2005 04:46:10 GMT
Hi Hugo,

You are right that coplet tiles are processed before the coplet that 
modifies the content. Therefore, at the time coplet modified title, the 
old one has already been generated for the current request.

I think that the right way will be to create a custom portal event, then 
to do all the work out publisher/subscriber components, etc..

Theoretically, it should be possible to create an action that changes 
title of a given coplet. It need to be invoked before "portal" match is 
executed in the main portal sitemap.

Additionally, it is possible to hack it with using JavaScript, where the 
entire page is refreshed automatically for the portal right after the 
coplet title was changed (but before it shows up due to refresh delay).


Nick Goupinets.

Hugo Marcelino wrote:
> Hi.
> My name is Hugo Marcelino and i need some help on doing something in the 
> portal.
> I'm using the portal with cocoon forms and when people are using the 
> forms i need to change the coplet title.
> I was able to set the title , but somehow it is not syncronize in the 
> first time, ie, it does change the title , but it only works when i refresh.
> This is happening because the continuations (cinclude content coplet) 
> are only processed after the layout has been generated.
> Does anyone have an ideia off how can i change the title ???
> Thank you in advance.
> 21-10-2005
> Hugo Marcelino

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