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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Return xml from an Action to the pipeline?
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2005 22:01:19 GMT

Lachlan Paterson wrote:

> I have a pipeline that is successfully producing web pages. I would 
> like to create a report using Jasper Reports (which is just a simple 
> java library) and then insert that report back into one of my web 
> pages. Jasper Reports can output to xml so this should be possible.
> I am open to suggestions for how to do this. If put the creation of 
> the xml report into an Action, It seems like I should be able to 
> return the xml and have it merge back into the pipeline. An Action 
> returns a Map - and I can put whatever I want into that Map, so I 
> thought about putting the xml result in there and then accessing it 
> the pipeline. I'm how I'm not sure to get at it in the pipeline, or 
> how to merge it into the xml that was already in the pipeline before I 
> called the Action.
> So, Jasper Reports aside, my question (assuming the above method is 
> sound) is a more general 2 part question:
> 1) How do I return xml from an Action and access it in the pipeline?
> 2) How to I merge that xml document into the one that the pipeline is 
> processing?

Actions should not return XML. Why not write a generator instead?

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