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From Johannes Textor <>
Subject Re: [CForms] Encoding Problem with CForms
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2005 15:39:44 GMT
Hi Christofer,

make sure the encoding you use in your files & form definition matches
the form-encoding parameter of your servlet engine, specified in web.xml
- I'm devoloping on linux, using utf-8 as default file encoding + form
encoding and had to set the form-encoding param to utf-8 like this:

/      Set form encoding. This will be the character set used to decode request/
/      parameters. If not set the ISO-8859-1 encoding will be assumed./
/    -->/


Christofer Dutz schrieb:

> Hi,
> I got my application up and running nicely except one small
> encoding-problem which is driving me nuts.
> I load an Xml-Document, which contains German umlauts If I print this
> to the console, everything is ok … I load the Dom into the form …
> debug output widget.lookupWidget(“xyz”).getValue() tells me the umauts
> are ok. When the page is displayed in the Browser everything is ok.
> When the Submit button is hit, and I do the widget….getValue() stuff
> again, the umlaus are all crappy … how can I make the umlauts be sent
> back in the correct form?
> Chris

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