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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Configurable form / flow chains
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 15:09:53 GMT
Your application seems somewhat similar to what we are doing, but I am 
not completely clear on everything you want.

What we do is have an application that manipulates our XML in a content 
management system. The website can be accessed in several modes, some of 
which retrieve the data from the CMS while production mode gets it from 
the file system. The administrator edits the content and then pushes it 
to "staging" where they can view the site as it would look live. If they 
are happy the content is pushed to "live" - essentially it is just 
copied from the CMS to the file system.

Cocoon is able to handle this easily. The mode is a characteristic of 
the session so we can use a selector to get the XML from the CMS via the 
http protocol or from the file system just by specifying the location.


Bruyn Bill wrote:

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Bruyn Bill 
>>Sent: Friday, October 07, 2005 11:36 AM
>>To: ''
>>Subject: Configurable form / flow chains
>>Hello, list.
>>As I said separately the other day, I'm trying to put 
>>together a proof of concept for a kind of document generation 
>>facility here.  It feels like Cocoon has all the pieces I 
>>would need, but I'm struggling a little bit with which pieces 
>>I should be using and how they would work together.  A high 
>>level overview of what I'm trying to achieve:
>>I have a super-user type person on staff who is going to be 
>>creating document templates with an Adobe Forms designer 
>>product.  In short, Adobe Forms Server takes an XML document 
>>via EJB and it returns an "Adobe Form".  You can make changes 
>>to your PDF and submit it back to the server (again, an EJB) 
>>for an updated XML representation.  I'll need to take that 
>>result and persist it to some database.  It looks like I have 
>>some options here, and I'd love to hear ideas on how this 
>>might best be implemented, but my immediate concern is how to 
>>produce the XML document that gets presented to the EJB.
>>When my super-user designs the template, she'll be using an 
>>"Adobe forms designer" GUI to drag and drop elements onto the 
>>form.  That 'binding' is saved with the template, and the 
>>forms server puts the inbound XML on the template 
>>appropriately.  I will have hundreds of these Adobe 
>>templates, some of which require almost no data at all, and 
>>some of which require lots and lots of data.  I thought I'd 
>>create a set of reusable data access / collection mechanisms 
>>that could be referenced by my super-user/designer in the 
>>sitemap, so that as templates are added / updated, she just 
>>configures her pipeline with the data that she needs.
>>I think I'd be able to do this without any trouble if my 
>>component data could be obtained from a database without 
>>interaction (using e.g., map:aggregate).  But I'm going to 
>>need some interaction with the end user along the way, so I 
>>thought I'd use forms and/or flow to achieve that.  I don't 
>>really want to create a flowscript for each document though, 
>>so I guess what I need is a way to chain these interactions 
>>together dynamically.  Or more accurately, through configuration.
>>Is there any good way/s to use built-in Cocoon features to 
>>get what I'm after here?
>>Thanks very much for your time.
>>Bill Bruyn
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