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From Philippe Guillard <>
Subject Re: Checking all keys are translated - done before ?
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 07:28:32 GMT
Having non existing i18n keys in the logs would be enough for my needs, 
but i can't found them.
Setting sitemap logs to debug in logkit, i get systematically this for 
reserved or unresolved keys:

DEBUG   [/portal/3dmedia/22/] I18nTransformer: Starting i18n element: text
DEBUG   [/portal/3dmedia/22/] I18nTransformer: Start i18n element: text
DEBUG   [/portal/3dmedia/22/] I18nTransformer: i18n message text = 'foo'
DEBUG   [/portal/3dmedia/22/] I18nTransformer: End i18n element: text
DEBUG   [/portal/3dmedia/22/] I18nTransformer: Getting key foo from 
catalogue null
(It says catalogue null but translation is working)

Can somebofy tell me what to do?


Joerg Heinicke wrote:

>Thomas Lutz <mattom <at>> writes:
>>Maybe it's possible to create some sort of file crawler, that applies 
>>the I18N transformer to the files when deploying ?
>That's not possible neither. Imagine an XML that contains the i18n keys not in 
>i18n namespace, an XSLT converts them to i18n. Or even worse: only part of the 
>key is in the XML, the rest is added by the XSLT. You will never get a fully 
>working crawler except by crawling *all* pipelines with every possible 
>request. For me this sounds like a task for an automated test where you can 
>grep the log files afterwards.
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