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From Christoph Hermann <>
Subject Re: flow problem with reload button
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 16:42:03 GMT
Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n schrieb:


> I am having strange problems (described below) when hitting the "reload"
> button on my browser when displaying form B in scenario described below.
> Could anyone please help me understand why?
> I am using a 2-form approach to editing an XML file, one for a first
> level view and a deeper detail editing view.

>     formLista = createForm(formDefinitionA, bindingURIA, datos);
>     while(true) {
>          // display form A
>          formLista.showForm(displayPipelineLista);
> // *********************************
> // If I hit reload when form B is displayed, execution is resumed here,
> but formLista is undefined
> // Why is it "null"? Shouldn't it be restored to the previous value
> because of my hitting "Reload".
> // *********************************

I had the same problem here with flow but a light different approach:

var form;
form = new Form(...);
// hitting reload here crashes with an NPE
form = new Form(someOtherForm);

My solution was to create a second variable "form2" to display the
second form.
I think your problem is somewhere along

formLista = null;
// Prepare form B, using the ID for the new or edited record
formFicha = createForm(formDefinitionB, bindingURIBPrefix +
idRestaurante, datos);

Try changing this to another Variable.


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