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From Sandor Spruit <>
Subject Re: multiple xpaths
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 12:30:59 GMT
Geert Josten wrote:
> > Was does work is the use of the extension in calls to
> > xsl:apply-templates, but that is not what I want. It will help iff
> > you want to apply a template to one specific XPath. What I need is
> > to copy the entire XML tree using a regular xsl:copy, with some
> > extra highlighting tags inserted for the XPath.
>  You might want to take a look at the HighlightingTransformer that has
>  been donated only a week or two ago. Look for messages with that name
>  in the cocoon-dev mailinglist.

Duh. Somebody beat me to it! :(

>  Though, I think it marks keywords, not element matching a specific
>  xpath...

That might be a useful extension though ... :)

>  By the way, I think you approach of generating a XSL to achieve the
>  highlighting is not bad at all, quite powerful even. I have been
>  using the approach on many fields allready. Mostly for template
>  mechanisms (when jxgenerator wasn't yet around).

Thanks - I needed that. Deadline approaching ;)

>  In your case performance might be an issue though. When the Xpaths
>  vary a lot, a new XSL has to be generated, compiled and cached each
>  time. :-(

Well, performance has been pretty good so far. In fact, excellent. Maybe
it won't be so bad....


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