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From Jason Dusek <>
Subject cocoon & catalogs
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 02:54:33 GMT
i would like to have cocoon look at a document like this:

  xsi:schemaLocation="space://layout schema://layout"

and finds its schema based on this catalog entry:

SYSTEM "schema://layout where/is/it/layout.xsd"

what i've done so far is write my own catalog, and reference it in the
cocoon catalog in context://WEB-INF/entities/

-- jsn's stuff --
CATALOG "/home/jsn/public_html/resources/catalogs/catalog"

but this doesn't work at all - when i try to reference the schema in
xslt, it just dumps all the text-nodes. where can i go for help on
this? i've been searching the net for 1.5+ days and basically get a lot
of specs.

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