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From footh <>
Subject JavaFlow and CForms - objects disappearing
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 21:58:05 GMT
I have a main javaflow that calls another "form
javaflow" when it detects a form has been requested.

This form javaflow simply instantiates a form
instance, sets the binding, and, based on the form url
source performs certain steps by form.

Now, I came up with a form configuration xml file to
hold details such as the page to forward to upon
success or failure of saving the form, as well as any
success or failure messages.

I load this configuration file into a Hashtable of
Properties objects where the key is the URL source of
the form.  I do this in the constructor of the form
javaflow, and I set the Hashtable as an attribute of
the HttpContext object (to give it application scope).

The problem is, at some amount of time (hours) after
I've started Tomcat, the Hashtable loses all the
Properties objects stored within it.  Whenever I try
to grab one of the objects via the URL source, null is
returned.  The Hashtable isn't null, but any key I try
to get is.

I have other objects (including a Hashtable of various
objects) that I create within my main flow and store
in the HttpContext that I never have a problem with.

Why this one is having problems is very confusing. 
I'm wondering if it has something to do with the way
continuations are storing objects?  Before I call
form.load, I grab the Hashtable from the HttpContext
and stick it in a local variable.  But, I don't try to
get any of the Properties objects until after
form.load has completed.

Can anyone offer suggestions?


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