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From "Gerry Kaplan" <>
Subject Another completed Cocoon Project
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 00:40:12 GMT
For those who may be interested in seeing another up-and-running
Cocoon-based site, I have recently deployed a medical reporting application
called "ImpairMaster" which can be seen at

In a nutshell, it is a tool used by physicians for determining what
percentage a person has been permanently impaired. It automates a book
written by the American Medical Association which provides procedures for
the physician to follow in order to evaluate a patient's impairment.

The site utilizes Cocoon, CForms, SendMail, XSLFO, Flowscript, Java, JCA and
obviously XSL. Bertrand Delacretaz provided outstanding assistance in
organizing the site, as well as getting me on the right track with Cforms
and Cocoon processing. Many thanks to Bertrand and any of you who have
answered some of my techie questions.

In the process of creating the site, I had to create a cipher transformer
which uses the XML Security project encryption classes. I would gladly
contribute this to the Cocoon community, however it doesn't encapsulate
everything relating to JCA and XML Security, only the parts I needed,
however if anyone wants a copy of it, I'd be glad to provide the source and
you can "add" to it.

If anyone would like access to the site, please drop me a line to and I'll provide you with a testing userid and
password where you can take a look at another successful Cocoon

Once again, thanks to all of you who have helped.

Gerry Kaplan

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