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From Jan <>
Subject Re: Axis block
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 09:54:59 GMT
Maybe you want to have a look at
I setup an example, which provides a simple echo-method.

I think Sebastien Arbogast improved my solution in a more generic way ...
You can also search the mailinglist for
"[WebServices] How to use the SoapServer component ?"
"Cocoon and Axis"
"What does processPipelineTo() method do ?"
"Cocon and WebServices"

I also startet with the axis-block, but i seems, that this provides only a 
proxy. So you'll have to install an axis-instance beside your cocoon (in a 
tomcat for example). You then could forward soap-requests to webservices in 
that axis-installation.
In my case that worked, but i couldn't reuse the code I implemented for my 
cocoon-webapp (which requires a browserinterface and a webserviceinterface).

On Tuesday 11 October 2005 15:18, Jean-Claude Moissinac wrote:
> In the samples section of a standard installation, when I read
> "Axis Block <http://localhost:8888/samples/blocks/axis/> - Examples using
> Apache Axis to give access to Cocoon via SOAP."
> My understanding is that I will be able to transform some pipelines in Web
> Services accesible with SOAP.
> It seems to be wrong. What is this 'access to cocoon via SOAP'?
> Indeed, when I observe the samples, my understanding is that the samples
> illustrate two possibilities:
> - one is to call some 'external' Web services from an xsp
> - another is to call some Web Services installed in an Axis installation
> included in my Cocoon installation; but I don't understand how to install
> new Web Services in this Axis installation -standard ways described in the
> Axis documentation seems not available in the standard way-, where are the
> WSDL for the Web Services in the sample... Briefly, how to use this axis
> integration in my cocoon site?
> Thank you in adavance
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Gruß, Jan

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