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From "David Legg" <>
Subject Re: Flowscript run-time error- passing parameters from script to Java - SOLVED
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 13:56:55 GMT
Jason Johnston wrote:
> So here the value for the key param1 is the String "value1"...
> ...and here you're expecting the value for the key param1 to be an *array* 
> of Strings.  That explains the ClassCastException.
> So either you must expect a single String as the value, or set it as a 
> String array in the flowscript.  Creating Java arrays in JS is a bit odd, 
> you have to use reflection:

Excellent response!  Thanks a lot Jason.

It turned out I really did need a HashMap of string arrays (the same key can 
have several values in my app) so that reference to the mozilla site you 
gave was spot on.

Thanks again.

David Legg

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