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From Jonas Lundberg <>
Subject Re: How to move a class in scratchpad to a block
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 18:00:34 GMT
That sounds like what I need as well. Is there documentation on how to 
configure it? I find nothing useful on Google.


On 9/15/05, Oliver Powell <> wrote:
> We use the org.apache.cocoon.transformation.IncludeTransformer class from 
> the scratchpad block in Cocoon 2.1.6. We've just downloaded 2.1.7 and 
> discovered that the scratchpad block is not part of the release. 
>  I understand why this has been done, but I would like to request that 
> this class is shifted to a more "stable" block/core area for the next 
> release, so that we don't need to add it in explicitly. What is the proper 
> way to initiate this?
>  I believe this class belongs in the next release because:
>  - we have used it successfully in production for several months, under 
> high load
>  - it provides critical (for us) cache functionality not provided by 
> CIncludeTransformer or XIncludeTransformer: it retains or "takes on" the 
> cache validity of its included content, unlike CInclude, which only provides 
> expiry/time-based validity - included content's validity is ignored. And 
> XInclude isn't Cacheable.
>  IncludeTransformer enables us to tweak our caching very finely for 
> content coming from our database - updates to the data trigger a cache clear 
> event on the Cocoon server. With the scratchpad IncludeTransformer _any_ 
> pipeline that includes that data will be removed from the cache immediately. 
> This is exactly the functionality we require.
>  In the meantime of course we will pull this class from trunk.
>  Cheers,
> Ollie
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