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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: How to move a class in scratchpad to a block
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 06:33:01 GMT

Oliver Powell wrote:

> I believe this class belongs in the next release because:
> - we have used it successfully in production for several months, under
> high load

sounds like a killer argument to me :-)

> - it provides critical (for us) cache functionality not provided by
> CIncludeTransformer or XIncludeTransformer:  it retains or "takes on"
> the cache validity of its included content, unlike CInclude, which only
> provides expiry/time-based validity - included content's validity is
> ignored. And XInclude isn't Cacheable.
> IncludeTransformer enables us to tweak our caching very finely for
> content coming from our database - updates to the data trigger a cache
> clear event on the Cocoon server. With the scratchpad IncludeTransformer
> _any_ pipeline that includes that data will be removed from the cache
> immediately. This is exactly the functionality we require.

And more good arguments ...

I'll ask on dev@ , and if nobody objects i'll move it out of the scratchpad.

Thanks for your feedback!


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