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From Irv Salisbury <>
Subject Re: Combining SQLTransformer and Paginator?
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 12:42:02 GMT
We have written an SQLTransformer that already does this. We started over 
from scratch and wrote an SQLTransformer with batching, transactions, XML 
CLOB support, and paging. It is based on XMLBeans, so I don't know if that 
would be a problem. We tried to donate it awhile ago, but there didnt' seem 
to be a lot of interest. It has worked well for us on our current project. 
If you are interested, you are welcome to it, just send me an email. We have 
an older one we wrote that doesn't involve XMLBeans that you could also 

Let me know. It would be great if it could be included in the cocoon 
distribution at some point, so if someone wanted to do the work for that...


On 9/8/05, Benjamin Boksa <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am building a small pipeline to show the result of a database query.
> It should display n rows at a time, even if the result of the query
> has more than n rows. As the result can be very large (100000 or more
> rows) it makes sense to use SQL's LIMIT m, n in my opinon. This
> always returns a result with n rows.
> The problem is that this doesn't work with the paginator as far as I
> can see, as the paginator counts only the elements on the page, which
> is always n when using SQL's LIMIT.
> The solution I am thinking about is to use a SQL query which counts
> the rows of the result (SELECT COUNT(id) FROM foo) and then generates
> some "dummy"-row elements using XSLT to match up the number of the
> total number elements and then use the paginator.
> What Du you think about this approach? If there is a better way to do
> it, please let me know.
> Thanks in advance,
> Benne

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