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From "Jason Johnston" <>
Subject Re: CForms: Binding nested repeaters into beans
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 21:57:24 GMT
>> What is your problem _exactly_?
> When it comes to the binding
> I have something like
> <fb:repeater id="validity" parent-path="." row-path="validities">
>     	<fb:identity><fb:value id="position" path="position"/></fb:identity>
> 	<fb:on-bind>
> 	    <fb:value id="position" path="position"/>
> 	    <fb:value id="start_sale" path="startSaleDate"/>
> 	    <fb:value id="end_sale" path="endSaleDate"/>
> 	     ....
> 	     <fb:repeater id="image" parent-path="." row-path="images">      [*]
> 		<fb:identity><fb:value id="position" path="position"/></fb:identity>
> 		<fb:on-bind>
> 			<fb:value id="uri" path="uri"/>
> 			 ...
> 		</fb:on-bind>
> 	     </fb:repeater>
> 	</fb:on-bind>
> </fb:repeater>
> And this does not work.

When you say it does not work, what exactly happens?  We need details! 
Does it throw an exception when the binding is first created?  Does the
binding get created but throws an exception when loading from the bean? 
Does it simply not load the nested data into the form but otherwise work
fine?  Does it fail when saving back onto the bean?  Something else?

One thing I noticed is there is no fb:on-insert-row in your code, which
you'll need if the size of the repeater can change.

> From what I have read, I think it might be because
> <fb:repeater ..> is not a valid child of a <fb:on-bind> tag... but I am
> really moot on this point since I really havn't been able to find much
> examples. Hence my initial question : is binding nested repeaters onto
> beans possible?

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