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From Nick Goupinets <>
Subject Re: [Portal]: Profile and CachingURICoplets
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2005 15:29:19 GMT
Hi Carsten,

Thank you very much for your answer. It's great to hear that it had been 
fixed in SVN. I will try updating CachingURICopletAdapter. In the mean 
time, I am looking forward to upgrading to 2.1.8, once it's released :).

Thank you once again.

Nick Goupinets.

Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Hi,
> actually this is a bug :( The cached content should not be persistent. I
> fixed this in the recent SVN, so the bug will be fixed with the 2.1.8
> release. So, you can either update to the recent SVN of 2.1.8-dev, use
> your stylesheet solution or perhaps patch the CachingURICopletAdapter.
> You have to replace the access to the attributes in the source by
> accessing temporary attributes, so look for setAttribute and replace it
> with setTemporaryAttribute and so on.
> Carsten
> Nick Goupinets wrote:
>>Hi everybody,
>>Just wondering if there is a way to disable saving cache content for 
>>CachingURICoplets into the profile (coplet instance data part of it in 
>>It is a big trouble when creating CachingURICoplets which use CForms. If 
>>a coplet with continuation id present in its cache is saved into the 
>>profile, and this cont'n id expires, next time this coplet is accessed, 
>>it will show an error message.
>>This can be observed with Apps tab in the default portal in samples:
>>1) Switch to Apps tab and in enter some value for a in any of the 
>>Application Test coplets.
>>2) Go to portal tools -> editing profile -> save profile
>>3) Logout and stop jetty
>>4) Start jetty and login to the portal
>>5) Login as the same user and go to the Apps tab
>>6) Try enter some value for b in the same Application Test coplet from 
>>(1), it should show "The coplet app-test-3 is currently not available" 
>>As a hack solution, it's of course possible to add an XSL that will 
>>remove cacheData and cacheValidity attributes from the coplet instance 
>>datas for a given user:
>>But I really hope that there is an easier way.
>>Thank you very much in advance.
>>Nick Goupinets.
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