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From Johannes Textor <>
Subject Re: AW: Flow Script Output
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 15:30:48 GMT
Hi Jan,

>All three Jobs are using the same Styleshteets. I just want to stylsheets to
>generade PDF files and not to contain any Job logic. This is why I have the
>job logic somewhere else.
Do I correctly understand that the XML tree you are generating is the
status xml ?

>I m using cocoon.processPipelineTo() in the script.
>// calling cocoon pipeline using processPipelineTo() method and dumping the
>results to the outputstream
>cocoon.processPipelineTo( pdf_uri, null, outstreamPDF );
>How could I use this to generate a XML file?
The same way. Just create a JX Template that creates your XML status
passing any variables as business objects. Then you open an output
stream and process
the pipeline to it:

if( somecondition ){
    var xml_output = new "filename.xml" );
    cocoon.processPipelineTo( xml_uri, { data:data } , xml_output );
if( othercondition ){
    cocoon.sendPage( xml_uri );

That way, you can use the same pipeline to deliver the status.xml to the
client or create
some file in a directory or both. IMHO, creating an XML tree in
flowscript is wrong design,
since that is what JX Templates and Pipelines are for. The purpose of
flowscript is just
to control the application flow, it should generally not be used to
perform complex


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